Senior Care

Our job is to simplify your workflow and communications, so that you can do more of what you do best.  Provide care.

How can we help you?

Enhanced Care

We specialize in creating technology solutions that provide value by improving outcomes and satisfaction.

Staff Training

Keeping your staff trained on your technology investment is critical to its success.  We provide fully comprehensive training on-site and on-line.  We also provide printed custom documentation of all of your systems and how they work together, thus maximizing your technology investment.

Managed Solutions

Your focus is care.  Ours is technology.  Let us help you manage it with our managed services team of experts.  For a flat monthly fee, we will take on the responsibility of smart device management, providing reports, and resident services such as phone, TV and internet.  We will also bill your residents individually.

It’s starts with our commitment to the success of your solution.  We don’t want you to just buy a button on the wall.  We want to create a working solution for your issues and see it through with on-going training and support.

Care Coordination is essential to providing the highest level of resident care.  Our solutions include mobile platforms making communication simple and quick

Accountability is crucial with new payment models and cuts to vital programs. Leverage your technology to gain meaningful data to help with staffing levels, resident care reports and more.

Visibility of staff and residents reduces wasted time and increases awareness.  As with all of our solutions, adding real-time locating to your overall solution adds a wealth of data to better leverage care, response times, staffing levels and accurate billing.

Safety and security of staff and residents is always at the forefront.  Solutions include proximity warnings, door access, and wearables mitigate risk for elopement, falls, and staff injury.

Managed solutions, including mobile device management allows us to see potential issues and resolve them before it becomes an issue.  We become your IT department and hospitality provider at an affordable monthly rate.

We are happy to provide free evaluations of your current networks and will consult with you on technology solutions that meet your needs and your budget.  Let us show you how technology can improve care, staff retention and resident satisfaction.