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A wide range of technology options provide a safe space for employees, patients, residents and visitors.


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Frontline staff in healthcare, behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities need to be able to summon help, especially as workplace violence is on the rise. And give responders critical information such as the location, nature and severity of incidents. Give them the confidence that comes from knowing help is always at hand.

Promoting workplace confidence

Wherever staff run the risk of accidents or physical and/or verbal abuse, they can rely on their Ascom solution to summon and direct appropriate assistance. 
  • Push a button to summon help, with an option to trigger a ‘silent’ alarm 
  • Alarms can be sent with real time location services to guide responders to the location of an incident
  • Man-down, no-movement and pull-cord functions automatically send alarms from static, tilted or snatched devices. 
  • Responders can listen in to the victim’s device to assess unfolding situation
  • Vandal-proof call buttons for patients and help buttons for staff with location.

Behaviorial TeleHealth

Many issues of workplace violence in healthcare especially center around mental health issues.  Having behavioral health specialists on call 24/7 can relieve the burden from your nursing staff and provide timely patient services that are badly needed.   It can deescalate a potentially violent situation for both the staff and the patient.   

Consider the benefits of providing these services in your ED.

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Security Cameras

HIPAA Compliant Security For Increased Patient Safety

Protect patient privacy and ensure quality healthcare across facilities with an integrated video security platform.

Healthcare Safety Features


    Privacy Screens

  • Face Blurring

  • Person of Interest Alerts

  • Occupancy Trends

  • After Hour Alerts

  • Crowd Notifications

Staff Duress and Panic Buttons

During an emergency, staff simply press on their badge and an application instantly communicates the identity of the staff member and the precise location of the emergency.  

We have options for stationery panic buttons, vandal-proof call buttons, outdoor panic buttons and phones equipped with duress buttons for an all-in-one solution. 

There are also options for personal alarms that can detect man-down and call for help.

Door Access

Without electronic access control, anyone can come and go in a hospital, medical facility, maternity ward, or nursing home. You don’t want anyone walking into your healthcare building unvetted. The protections you implement can help prevent violence, abductions, theft, and patient wandering.

With role-based access control, you’re controlling the ingress and egress of all individuals through the assignment of specific access rights. You can monitor people’s movements and keep a record of those movements should something happen.

Wander Management

Wandering alarms for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other at-risk residents don’t have to look institutionalized and unstylish. We’ve created a wander management system that is specially designed to appear dignified and discreet while still offering advanced support for caregivers and residents. Our waterproof, wearable style band/tag combination is unlike any other: