Exceptional Disinfection for Improved Patient Outcomes

According to the CDC, approximately one in 31 hospital patients contract a healthcare-associated infection. And if patients are at risk, then staff are also at risk. Healthcare, Dental and Eyecare offices can be vulnerable as well. It is critical to regularly disinfect high-touch devices and other equipment to prevent the spread of illness.

When was the last time you really disinfected your keyboard and mouse?  And how many people are using it everyday? 

Not nearly enough and way more than you think.  Keyboards and mice are such an everyday part of our work lives, but you think about how many cracks and crevices germs can get into?   Seal Shield offers dishwasher safe, waterproof keyboards and mice that 

Benefits of Seal Shield ElectroClave™ UV C Disinfection System for Mobile Electronic Devices and High-touch Items

The revolutionary ElectroClave™ UVC disinfection system by Seal Shield™ is the first of its kind 360-degree LED UV C disinfection and mobile device management application for optimal disinfection across hospital settings. The ElectroClave enables the complete disinfection of mobile devices & high-touch items with customizable cycles and non-touch access.

Benefits of Seal Shield Multi-layer Medical Screen Protectors

Seal Shield multilayer screen protectors are a valuable infection prevention asset for any hospital environment.

Seal Shield screen protectors feature a unique three-layer design for protection against dings and scratches, UV resistance, and compatibility with hospital disinfectants. Screen protectors are customizable for any hospital screen size, including display screens, patient monitors, tablets, and mobile phone screens.

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