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You’re EXPERTS IN PATIENT CARE.  WE ARE EXPERTS IN TECHNOLOGY.  let us COLLABORATE TO DETERMINE HOW TO best serve you during this challenging time.




We have a variety of 10”, 15“ and 22” All-In-One mobile computers, Android and iOS tablets on rolling carts to make it easy for you to provide video chat for your residents, All-In One mobile computers also provide the added benefit for telehealth for residents and patients all while maintaining safe physical distancing.  

• No cellular service needed
• Easy to move from room to room
• Rugged, purpose tablets that can be disinfected
• Larger screens enhances the experience

With PPE in limited supply, remote patient monitoring and limiting face to face interaction can dramatically reduce the need for multiple changes of PPE for staff, while still maintaining a high level of care for infectious patients or isolation rooms.

Rolling monitors allow for two way video communication using smartphone devices and in room audio.

For emergency setups, two way audio and visual options are also available.

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see more patients safely, manage quarantine patients effectively

Connect Patients and Providers Anywhere – BYOD or Custom Kit

Our RPM solution is user-friendly, allowing clinicians to remotely monitor their patients’ chronic disease or post-acute care with:

  • Easy, convenient, remote evaluation & treatment
  • Offering TytoPro* option – no minimum quantities with our solution
  • Limit staff & patient exposure, while improving access to care
  • Diagnose & triage more quickly
  • Minimize cost & risk of isolation room visits
  • TytoPro with ViTel Net – capture, review, share, and diagnose remotely
  • High-quality, remote exam kit with best-in-class telehealth platform
  • Examine heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, and abdomen, and measure body temperature for remote diagnosis
  • Using ViTel Net’s web app with embedded support for Tytocare exams, remote clinicians access clinical and diagnostic info necessary to diagnose and treat patients.
  • The easy-to-use, all-in-one device has an affordable annual subscription & no upfront hardware cost
  • Order in any quantity for the integration solution

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secure video surveillance

limited number of cameras available for 30 day use

We are providing a limited number of Verkada Cameras for free for 30 days to assist with Entrance/Exit Monitoring and Quarantine Areas or for use in any other needed area.

wristbanding kit

free zebra printer included

Implement positive ID protocols for quarantined patients or cleared staff with color coding and daily wristbands.

  • $850 (not including tax/shipping)
  •  Includes 1 case of wristbands  (175/cartridge, 6 cartridges/case)
  •  Easy to use as a toaster
  •  Utilized at all major healthcare organizations
  • A 3 year warranty package available
  • Healthcare grade plastic and materials for wristbands and printers – can be disinfected with hospital grade cleaners

Rapid Deployment nurse call system

stand alone and expandable

Designed for hospitals and health providers who need to expand their patient capacity quickly, RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kit is an easily installed, reliable, 40-patient nurse call system in a box. It can be deployed in just 5 minutes and is easy to operate.

The plug-and-play system arrives pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box. It includes one small touchscreen server, one pendant for each resident or patient (up to 40), and four pagers. Only one internet connection is required, and no landlines are required. Expansion kits are available.

The kit is fully programmed for up to 40 patients and 4 caregivers, and includes:
• NurseCall Master with Integrated Touchscreen Console
• 40 Pushbutton Pendants (waterproof; reusable if disinfected or disposable)
• 40 Clip-On Bed Signs
• 4 Alpha-Numeric Apollo Pagers
• G4 Master Receiver
• 2 G4 Locators
• Single-Input Serial Page Encoder 5W
• Compact, Heavy Duty Pelican Case
• Easy step-by-step instructions with a link to video instructions

Patient beds are outfitted with clip-on placards that correspond to patient call buttons, so caregivers know which patients are calling. RCare’s G4 platform provides best in-class range to cover even the largest of campuses and deepen building penetration.

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EMERGENCY call system

stand alone and expandable

The easy to install and operate Flair Electronics Wireless Annunciator allows monitoring of up
to thirty-two rooms per panel. Multiple panels can be used to monitor additional rooms without
special wiring.

Uses bright red LEDs and an adjustable volume sounder indicating a call has been placed. Each LED is adjacent to a room label, allowing easy identification of call location, resulting in quicker caregiver response time and higher safety ratings. Two side buttons allow caregivers to Silence then Reset the annunciator once the call has been cleared.  Includes UL listed power transformer and UL recognized back-up battery.• Simple call acknowledge & reset

• Bright red LEDs & adjustable volume
sounder for alarm notification
• Internal backup battery with power interruption alarm
• Non-powered output for activating auxiliary call indicator
• High power repeater also available

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