Life Safety | Alert Solutions

A modular, scalable resident response system with wired, wireless and hybrid options that can easily be expanded over time to meet future needs of your residents.

Door Access | Security

We offer several options for door access, cameras, and secure entrances to enhance your overall safety initiatives.


Mobile devices work to bridge information gaps—making it easier to communicate, coordinate and improve response time

Pendants | Wearables

Wireless pendants to real-time locating systems offer the maximum freedom for residents while providing a safe place to call home.

Wander Management

Keeping residents safe with memory/dementia issues is challenging, but we have options that provide discrete alerts, comfortable wearable sensors, and restrict access

Reporting | Analytics

Choose from a large array of data points for customizing your reports to provide the information you need most.



“The size of the screen and sound quality has made a huge difference.  Even the residents with poorer eyesight could make out their loved ones on the screen. 
We can roll it into a room with someone that is infected and still maintain a proper social distance and the residents could still see and hear.  It is also much easier to clean than tablet that had to be physically touched.   We intend to still use it for the long distance family even after the restrictions have lifted”

Jim L. – Hospice Liaison / Grace Hospice

“The large screens work great for Zoom and video chats with multiple people. We had one resident on Thanksgiving do a Zoom call with a large family and multiple families logged on.  The large screen allowed her to see them in gallery mode without being too small to see it.  It was great!
Thanks for your work in helping to get these lovely devices to us.  We are most grateful!”
Jeff. - Director Therapeutic Activities / Cassia

Resident Voice / internet

We provide several options for resident services such as hosted phone systems, internet, and entertainment

data / networking

Network infrastructure, including voice and data security.  We offer network design, data security, disaster recovery, and more.

complete solutions

Whether you have a single home or multiple campuses, we have options to provide all levels of support.

cloud services

We have a variety of hosted options for phones, data and mobile device management.

Bold Solutions

Not every client has the same needs, so not every solution should be the same.  We understand the ever changing demands placed on senior care.  We evolve and change our technology portfolio to meet your organization’s specific needs.

We Will Lead The Way

Ideacom Mid-America has a proud history of innovative technology solutions.  We are proud to partner with the leading technology providers in the senior care market to offer our clients the best available options and fully integrated solutions.

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Our team of consultants, engineers, project managers, design & education coordinators, certified technicians and customer support all work together to ensure your solutions are working for you. We back up our solutions with 24/7 service and support.