Nurse Call Workflow

A modular, scalable patient response system that seamlessly integrates with your current devices and applications and can easily be expanded over time to meet future requirements.

Real Time Locating

RTLS uses automated, accurate data to improve workflow, manage assets, and increase capacity and efficiency

True Mobility

Mobile devices work to bridge digital information gaps—making it easier to communicate, coordinate and execute time-sensitive activities


An end-to-end approach to clinical integration that can deliver intelligent integration, advanced messaging, and system management into one unique solution


Choose from a large array of data points for customizing your reports to provide the information you need most.

Positive Patient ID

Patient misidentification is a major issue with regards to patient safety and well-being.  Barcoding and scanning tools that enhance patient safety.

safety/ security 

We provide several options to enhance  safety including video surveillance, door access, staff duress and infant protection. 

data / networking

Network infrastructure, including voice and data security.  We offer network design, data security, disaster recovery, and more.

enterprise solutions

Whether you have a single campus or multiple locations, we have options to provide enterprise level support.

Bold Solutions

Not every client has the same needs, so not every solution should be the same.  We understand the ever changing demands placed on healthcare.  We evolve and change our technology portfolio to meet your organization’s specific needs and initiatives. 

We Will Lead The Way

Ideacom Mid-America has a proud history of innovative technology firsts.  We were the first in the country to successfully integrate RTLS into nurse call, middleware into nurse call, and the first to add reporting to disparate nurse call systems.   

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Dedicated to Quality

Our team of consultants, engineers, project managers, design & education coordinators, certified technicians and customer support all work together to ensure your solutions are working for you. We back up our solutions with 24/7 service and support.