Clocks | Scheduling

Master clocks control bell scheduling and other system controls like environmental or access controls.

Telephone | Communication

We offer on-premise and hosted phone systems, including two way communication, direct to room, building, or campus wide.  Sourcewell awarded vendor options.

Alert | Emergency Systems

Security and monitoring systems, door access, student RFID tracking, fixed and mobile panic buttons, weather alerts and other security alerts sent via desktop, mobile and audio/visual alerts.

Student ID | Tracking 

Provide on demand picture student ids, visitor badges and staff badges with or without magnetic coding and/or RFID antennas.

Mass Notification

Leverage communications and mass notification for security and normal notifications.  Multiple levels of notification available and will work with on-premise or cloud based systems 

Overhead Paging

Campus wide paging and critical incident paging can be programmed to meet specific requirements including overrides for emergency notifications. 

Secure Entrances

We offer several types of solutions from RFID tracking, card access, video surveillance to full SIP Video Door Phones to offer better security and access for students, staff & visitors 

Bold Solutions

Not every client has the same needs, so not every solution should be the same.  We understand the ever changing demands placed on education.  We evolve and change our technology portfolio to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

We Will Lead The Way

Ideacom Mid-America has a proud history of innovative technology solutions.  We are proud to partner with the leading technology providers in the education market to offer our clients the best available options and fully integrated solutions.

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