Featured Video – PRIVATE LTE

This quick video will give you a quick overview of how the addition of a Private LTE network can improve performance and most importantly, improve security and performance for your most critical communications.

This is the future of secure networks.


Private LTE – Better Security


  • Compared to Wi-Fi, private LTE offers higher bandwidth capacity, more predictability, and better security with built-in over-the-air encryption.
  • LTE networks provide reliable, clear voice, ability to transmit data quickly, and longer battery life; meaning the mobile devices work like a smartphone is designed to work.
  • Devices connected to a Wi-Fi network need to stay within 300 feet of a wireless router to maintain a reliable connection, which necessitates the use of numerous routers and extenders to achieve a somewhat stable network.
  • With LTE small cells, only a few antennas would be required to create a reliable and fast network since they possess a range of approximately 10,000 square feet and are designed with scalability in mind. 
  • With Wi-Fi enabled devices, a manual interaction is almost always required, which becomes a problem when you have hundreds of internet-ready, IoT devices to manage.                                                                                                       
  • With a stable and reliable private LTE network in place, medical professionals will be able to receive up-to-date, real-time analysis of their patient’s wellbeing without delay from anywhere within the facility.                                                                                                                                                   
  • And a Private LTE running alongside the existing Wi-Fi will allow patients and guests faster internet access, while keeping critical communications, workflows and data on a completely separate system, enhancing security.