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Latest Senior Living Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter from Ideacom.  Find ways to combat staffing shortages and burnout, infection control and new technology to improve operational efficiency.  Options for mobility, nurse (e-call) call, check-in stations and wi-fi/network system checks and updates will ensure that your community can meet provide the highest level of care for your residents.


Latest Hospital Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter from Ideacom.  Be ready for all the challenges that still are facing our overworked healthcare partners.  Options for mobility, rapid deployable nurse call, check-in stations and wi-fi/network system checks and updates will ensure that your organization can meet any challenge.

Huntsville Hospital Health System Chooses Medi+Sign for a Superior Patient Experience

“The cornerstone at Huntsville Hospital is a focus on patient-centered, quality-focused processes, which lead to optimum healthcare outcomes. This is why we are excited to adopt MEDI+SIGN’s proactive communication technology. We can elevate the patient experience by providing accurate, real-time safety, plan of care and patient education information, while substantially reducing staff workload.”

– Arin Zapf, Chief Nursing Officer at Huntsville Hospital.

More about Medi+Sign


Keep Family and Residents Connected and Engaged

Independa is the best in class software platform for senior engagement.  Simple to install, uses existing TVs and technology that seniors and staff are already familiar with to dramatically increase engagement, reduce isolation, and improve staff efficiency.  Contact us to find out more.


Optimize Vaccine Administration

Zebra scanners, printers and print media are specifically designed for healthcare to provide sage, effective and virtually error-proof workflows so that you can deliver the right vaccine to the right patient at the right time.

ElectroClave™ UV-C Light Disinfection Box

The revolutionary ElectroClave™ UVC disinfection system by Seal Shield™ is the first of its kind 360-degree LED UV C disinfection and mobile device management application for medical-grade disinfection in any environment.

The ElectroClave provides a simple all-in-one solution for UV-C disinfection, and device management, with ‘smart’ technologies that simplify and reduce otherwise manual processes. Our patented UV C disinfection technology offers unmatched disinfection, efficacy, speed, and safety with simultaneous multiple device capacity. The ElectroClave UV disinfection system is compatible with most handheld electronic devices, and many other forms of high-touch items and/or equipment.

Recent Customer Reviews on Virtual Visits

The size of the screen and sound quality has made a huge difference for our residents.  Even the residents with poorer eyesight could make out their loved ones on the screen.

We can roll it into a room with someone that is infectious and still maintain a proper social distance and the residents could still see and hear!  We intend to still use it for the long distance family even after restrictions are lifted.

Jim L. Hospice Liaison / Grace Hospice


The large screens work great for Zoom and video chats with multiple people.  We had one resident on Thanksgiving do a Zoom call with a large family and multiple families logged on.  The large screen allowed her to see them in gallery mode without them being too small to see.  It was great!

Thanks for your work in helping to get these lovely devices to us.  We are most grateful.

Jeff-Director Therapeutic Activities / Cassia



Virtual Visiting


We have a variety of 10”, 15“ and 22” All-In-One mobile computers, Android and iOS tablets on rolling carts to make it easy for you to provide video chat for your residents, All-In One mobile computers also provide the added benefit for telehealth for residents and patients all while maintaining safe physical distancing.

• No cellular service needed
• Easy to move from room to room
• Rugged, purpose tablets that can be disinfected
• Larger screens enhances the experience

With PPE in limited supply, remote patient monitoring and limiting face to face interaction can dramatically reduce the need for multiple changes of PPE for staff, while still maintaining a high level of care for infectious patients or isolation rooms.

Rolling monitors allow for two way video communication using smartphone devices and in room audio.

For emergency setups, two way audio and visual options are also available.

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Telehealth – Remote Monitoring

Connect Patients and Providers Anywhere – BYOD or Custom Kit

Our RPM solution is user-friendly, allowing clinicians to remotely monitor their patients’ chronic disease or post-acute care with:

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  • Easy, convenient, remote evaluation & treatment
  • Offering TytoPro* option – no minimum quantities with our solution
  • Limit staff & patient exposure, while improving access to care
  • Diagnose & triage more quickly
  • Minimize cost & risk of isolation room visits
  • TytoPro with ViTel Net – capture, review, share, and diagnose remotely
  • High-quality, remote exam kit with best-in-class telehealth platform
  • Examine heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, and abdomen, and measure body temperature for remote diagnosis
  • Using ViTel Net’s web app with embedded support for Tytocare exams, remote clinicians access clinical and diagnostic info necessary to diagnose and treat patients.
  • The easy-to-use, all-in-one device has an affordable annual subscription & no upfront hardware cost
  • Order in any quantity for the integration solution

MEDI+SIGN and Ideacom Mid-America Announce Dealer Agreement

MEDI+SIGN, a healthcare technology company that provides automated communication to the patient’s bedside, and Ideacom Mid-America, a veteran Midwestern technology solution provider, jointly announce a strategic alliance to sell MEDI+SIGN solutions. “The addition of MEDI-SIGN is a tremendous complement to our portfolio of technology,” said Jim Anderson, CEO of Ideacom Mid-America.

“With dedicated and experienced regional support, this alliance enriches and broadens the scope of services available to hospitals throughout the Midwest, especially in Iowa and Wisconsin,” said David Linetsky, Founder/CEO of MEDI+SIGN.

Read the entire press release here.

More about Medi+Sign

ASCOM Myco™ 3 smartphone has been listed on the target platform for the Epic Rover healthcare application.

For Ascom Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Francis Schmeer, the listing is, “yet another exciting step forward for the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone.” The device works with apps such as Rover to connect clinicians to patient data, colleagues and IT systems—helping to streamline workflows, boost productivity and ultimately contribute to enhanced patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Schmeer also points to the app’s interoperability with the Ascom Myco 3 embedded barcode scanner as an example of how the smartphone enables mobile functionality for clinicians. “The Ascom Myco 3 barcode scanner lets clinicians securely identify patients, medications and colleagues at the point of care and while on the go. It’s a clear illustration of how the smartphone benefits busy clinicians, enabling smooth access to key data, and the ability to communicate and coordinate with colleagues, systems and patients.”

Click here to read the entire press release.    

More about Myco 3


In our honor of Nurse’s Week 2019, enjoy this short video from Ascom.  There are 4 Million Reasons to be a nurse; whichever reason is yours, we’re grateful for you!



More About Ascom

We’re Proud to Introduce ASCOM as our latest Partner

While we have been a successful Ascom Mobility partner for years, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Ascom Healthcare and Senior Living Technology Platforms in the Mid-West.  This relationship allows both of us to provide a higher level of service and the latest in healthcare technology to our entire 5 state region including Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Great things are in the works!


Technology for Education

When a business have been serving it’s clients for over 64 years, how does it continue to thrive? At Ideacom Mid-America, we continue to expand, learn and grow.  We have technicians, engineers, project managers and consultants that have decades of experience in security and communication technology especially for the needs of schools. We have recently added several different product lines, including Sourcewell awarded contract suppliers to enhance our already robust platforms.  Whether you need to secure access, improve communication, provide mass notification or enhance classroom security, we can show you how an investment in technology will improve the lives of your students and provide peace of mind to parents.


Ideacom Mid-America is proud to announce ZEBRA as a new technology partner

In our efforts to continue to grow our technology platform in ways that enhance our current offering and expertise, we are proud to be a new Zebra Channel Partner.  To reduce medical errors, you need to ensure patients are connected to the right care, at the right time, every time. With Zebra’s scanners, printers and supplies, your providers are assured of positive patient verification, efficiently tracking specimens and ensuring staff administer intended treatments and medications. Zebra is at the forefront of enabling safe and accurate care with our patient identity management solutions and Ideacom is at the forefront of healthcare technology solutions.  Let us partner with you.



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