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Need Monthly Payment Options?

Times change.  Large capitol expenditures are difficult to finance and get approved.  And many organizations prefer monthly payment options for larger purchases especially technology.

We offer several options for monthly payment options, and we will help you look for federal and state technology grants to  help you fund technology investments because we want to help you  improve your overall outcomes.

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It looks like COVID is one form or another is going to stay with us.  Which means, we have to find ways to live with outbreaks.  In addition, seniors are more tech savvy, expecting more amenities as they age.  And, studies prove that health in senior declines when they experience isolation and feelings of loneliness.  Independa is a best in class resident engagement software.  Simple to install using existing TVs.  Small, budget friendly monthly fee and free equipment with contract.  In a competitive market, there is nothing that can set you apart better, provide more connectivity to friends and family to your residents and provide more value than Independa.


I would love to show you just how exciting this platform is.  Please contact Ideacom to set up a  one on one webinar at your convenience.  And, together, we are offering a pilot program in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin so you can experience it within your own community.

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Start adding value to your community today.

Take the burden off your staff with video surveillance

Cameras aren’t big brother, they are your safety net.  Extra staff members at night to monitor corridors and exits, and safe ways to monitor doors from anywhere.

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They are discreet, simple to use, install, and warrantied for 10 years. 

Infection Control Is In The Details

How many times is your cell phone touched a day?  And is it disinfected each time?  Chances are 99.9% it’s not.  Cell phones are 400Xs dirtier than a public toilet seat.  NO JOKE.  And how about the keyboard and mouse that your entire staff share every day?  How often is that disinfected?  Oh you have a cover on it.  How is that looking?  Again, it’s the small every day things we use 100s of times of a day that we fail to thoroughly clean and disinfect that can really sneak up on us.  Seal Shield literally has you covered.  Washable keyboards and mice that can can go straight into an industrial dishwasher. (Yep, you read that right).  And can withstand hospital disinfectants.   Antimicrobial film that can make your monitors, tablets and phone screens resistant to bacteria and germs and protect against harsh chemicals, allowing them to be cleaned and disinfected as needed without harm.  And if your really serious, look into an electroclave.  Just like it sounds, it’s like an autoclave for electronics.  in as little as 3 minutes, you can disinfect multiple devices with UV-C, that won’t harm the electronics, screens, or degrade other materials.  Make it a part of your shift change.

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