Provide the needed specialty care within your rural community, increasing the care you can provide and revenue for your organization.

Save money while maximizing your ROI
  • Decrease transfers with instant access to board-certified virtual physicians.
  • Increase patient volume by augmenting your on-site staff with our team of virtual specialists.
  • Bypass your call center with our integrated
  •  on-demand scheduling tools.


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  • Easily book remote physicians for on-demand and scheduled consults without paying for a call center 
  • Streamline patient intake with forms that quickly capture consult type, demographics and disposition
  • Collaborate with healthcare teams, caregivers and family members on multi-party HD calls that are secure and HIPAA-compliant
  • View medical records, diagnostics and notes without having to switch apps or log into other services
  •  Simplify encounter reporting with one-way and bidirectional electronic medical record integration via HL7 standards 

“Before implementing VeeOne Health’s solutions, a patient with stroke symptoms would have to wait up to four hours to see a neurologist. Now, we can have a diagnosis and treatment plan in less than 45 minutes.”

Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital

Industry Leading Scales by Seca

The first scale that knows your name.  Developed for electronic medical records

We’re not only concerned with the perfect integration of measured data into your electronic medical record, we also deliver the ideal measuring station. That way, you get a completely coordinated integration solution from one source for safer and more efficient workflows.

Drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements

With the shift in the healthcare industry to outpatient clinics, healthcare providers are faced with an ever-increasing number of patients, longer wait times, and increased output required by staff. With a touch of a button, your staff can drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements. These demands can be met with simple, easy to use technology solutions focused directly on patients, operations, and budgets of clinics, treatment centers, and other medical office buildings.


  • Clinical Workflow & Room Status Benefits

    • Increases staff efficiency
    • Scalable for future growth
    • User friendly controls

ClinicPro was built to improve community healthcare.

Containing all the power of RCare’s flagship technology, with ClinicPro you leverage only the features you need in a powerful, affordable solution.

  • Community Clinics
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Hospices
  • Sleep Clinics
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Surgery Centers
  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • And more


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Wired, Wireless or Wired-Wireless Hybrid Solutions

Choose a fully wired or a fully wireless solution for the ideal patient care coordination for your organization. Or get the best capabilities of both with a hybrid solution.

Fully Customizable

No two organizations are the same. That’s why we can customize your solution to you. Only the features you need, without paying for features you don’t use. Our solutions are powerful, scalable and affordable.

Room Ready Capability

Want to improve the patient flow in your clinic while allowing your staff more convenience and efficiency? ClinicPro allows at-a-glance room status views. Plus, ClinicPro boasts extensive notification options for your on-the-go team.

Mobile Communications Power

ClinicPro pairs with mobile options for seamless caregiver communication. Easy texting or voice contact between staff. Provider-specific alerts. Communication is efficient, private and fast with RCare Mobile app.

Real-Time Reporting

Improve efficiencies and care with customizable real-time reporting. Monitor operations at a glance with lobby display and desk console.

Reliable and Flexible

ClinicPro is available in a PoE+ hardware configuration and features multiple mounting options. ClinicPro is UL 1069 and UL 2560 certified. Backed by RCare’s 99.99% uptime guarantee.


Watch these videos for more information
on how Zebra technology can increase your day to day operations

Keep Patients and Staff Safe

CDC to Invest $2.1 Billion to Protect Patients and Healthcare Workers from COVID-19 and Future Infectious Diseases

Expensive Mobile Smartphones are 400X dirtier than a toilet seat.  –  How can you really clean them?

Benefits of Seal Shield Multi-layer Medical Screen Protectors

Seal Shield multilayer screen protectors and electroclave are a valuable infection prevention assets for any clinical environment.

Seal Shield screen protectors feature a unique three-layer design for protection against dings and scratches, UV resistance, and compatibility with hospital disinfectants. Screen protectors are customizable for any hospital screen size, including display screens, patient monitors, tablets, and mobile phone screens.  Electroclaves disinfect sensitive and difficult to clean electronic devices with with a proprietary UV-C light and hepa dust filtration system in as little as 2 minutes. 

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Industry’s Best

Seal Shield’s vision is to become synonymous with Infection Prevention through advanced Research & Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Technology Acquisitions..