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Nurse-patient interaction is a core component of nursing and high quality nursing care. Communication failures between clinicians are the most common primary cause of errors and adverse events in healthcare.

ascom Nurse Call

Ascom Healthcare Platform is so much more than nurse call – from the basic call system to telemetry alerts and patient vitals on your phone; RFID automation to custom tasks and rounding reminders.   Find out more by downloading our brochure.

Watch the videos below for a more in depth look at Ascom nurse call and smartphones.





Automate the routine tasks, simplify charting, and set unique tasks with reminders per patient

Alarm Fatigue

Reduce alarm fatigue by sending the right alarms to the right people at the right time.


Adding intelligent devices like smart phones provides true mobile nurse call allowing  staff to work efficiently

Infection Control Keyboards, Films and Mice

ascom nurse call Healthcare Grade Tablets and Monitors

Alert and Alarm Management


Video Surveillance Remote Monitoring and Cameras

Complementary Technology

  • Real Time Locating Systems for Automation
  • Barcode Scanning & Printing
  • Infection Control Keyboards, Mice & Films
  • Healthcare Grade Tablets and Monitors
  • Integrated Alarm Management
  • Video Monitoring
  • Door Access


Upgrade Your Nurse Call

If you are not ready to replace your nurse call investment, we can provide you with multiple options to make the most of your system.  Integrated technology can help elevate an older nurse call or a even a more basic system to a provide a more user friendly, efficient system.  Affordable and Effective.


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