This quick video shows how quickly workplace violence occurs in hospitals and how traumatizing it can be for those who are involved. Technology can help make your workplace safer by reducing missed days from work, improving staff satisfaction and job safety and improving response times. This attack, along with others fighting for a safer environment, lead to a statute to address healthcare violence in MN. To learn more about the MN workplace violence statute, click here.


Boomers are wired. Technology is essential. Unlike previous generations, they depend on technology for social connections, health and wellness. The new aging senior rely on tech sensors to identify health issues before they grow larger and to better stay connected with family members and health care professionals.

Healthcare enters the age of personal empowerment shifting control and power from hospitals, doctors and other caregivers to residents. Below are some of the leading Senior Housing Technology changes.

  • Nurses monitor residents through closed circuit television
  • Nurse stations to charting stations
  • Nurses are mobile by using iPhones and iPads to actively engage with residents
  • Fall management
  • Robust Wi-Fi allow residents to stay connected with family and friends
  • Online integrated billing

Technology simplifies care, is less intrusive in the resident’s daily life and provides them the services they expect while combining the extra services they need. Technology will differentiate your community from your competition, attract more residents and keep residents happier for longer.

Source: Emerging Trends in Today’s Senior Environments