Empowering Residents – Freedom & Safety

Only Ascom’s teleCARE IP integrates end to end messaging, emergency call and wander management in a single platform.

  • Residents at all levels of need can be assured of fast and appropriate response to requests and events, and mobile seniors can maintain an active lifestyle.
  • All incoming resident calls appear as text messages on the caregiver’s wireless device to ensure privacy.
  • Ascom’s resident monitoring system provides active or passive check-in options along with resident profiles to enable personalized care responses.

Telecare IP for senior living

Ascom provides a scalable system to ensure the safety of active seniors enjoying a high quality of life.


Empowering Residents and Enabling Caregivers with a New Level of Intelligence


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Mr. Jefferson needs a system to protect him from elopement with possible dangerous consequences. His Ascom wristband is his discreet partner, enabling him to move about in the safe environment of the building, but alerting his caregiver should he attempt to leave.

With the increasing need for individualized care and given the growing resident population and workload, automatic activity monitoring must be in place. With new smart sensor solutions and software, the TeleCARE IP system can assure unobtrusive monitoring and activity alerts that expedite needed assistance and aid in preventing potentially harmful events. 


In the morning, Robert automatically “checks in” by activating a motion sensor, preserving his dignity and supporting his independence.

Unlike Robert, a few residents have not automatically checked in. The Ascom system notifies caregiver Tina, who checks these
individuals in with a visit or call from her Ascom mobile device.

Robert is outside when he feels lightheaded. He presses a button on his Ascom wristband to call for help. Thanks to Ascom’s wireless coverage, caregiver Tina receives that alert and organizes  a response.

Robert wears the wristband 24 hours a day. Should he take the wristband off, the built-in sensor alerts his caregiver, so she can take appropriate action.

A day in the life

As the 21st century senior living world challenges us to transform our business and care delivery models, senior living communities must walk a fine line between required vigilance and resident independence. With today’s broader campuses, more active seniors and specialized levels of care, staff must respond to emergencies and
requests wherever the resident may be, while keeping track of individuals in a way that is minimally intrusive.

Ascom now provides a scalable and discreet system to ensure the safety of active seniors while they enjoy a high quality of life.

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Tina knows her residents well, so she always waits until Robert has left his bed before entering his room to guide him to breakfast. She can do this thanks to a bed sensor, which brings an alert to her Ascom Myco to inform her Robert is up.   

Robert’s neighbor, Mary, suffers from dementia and needs direct assistance when she enters the bathroom, as she is a high fall risk. The configurable teleCARE IP system informs Tina at just the right time.

To keep Mary safe, Tina has programmed the Ascom system to lock normally unlocked doors if Mary is in their vicinity.

As Tina goes about her duties, she can be confident that should she be unable to address an alert, the Ascom system will automatically
inform a colleague about the event, assuring a call is never lost.